Thrill of the Hunt

I love a good hunt…finding a game at a resale store that is out of print or otherwise in demand can be a nice shopping rush. 🙂 This weekend I hit a couple of Half Price Books stores that I had not been to in a while, and managed to pick up a couple of fun surprises.

Hostage Negotiator
Hostage Negotiator
The first game I found that struck my fancy was Hostage Negotiator, which I see gets a decent amount of love from the solo gamer community. I checked on Amazon and a new copy was running about $29. Half Price Books was asking $12.50 for the used copy so it felt like a good price. I picked it up.

Normally HPB tapes their boxes shut to prevent pieces from going missing. I don’t particularly like that because sometimes the tape tears the box when I remove it. Sometimes (if I have time) I will ask them to open the box in the store so I can inventory everything before I buy, but I don’t always do that. On this trip we had several different stops to make so I decided to just wait until I got home to do my inventory.

When I did open up the box after arriving home, I discovered that not only was the game complete and in great condition but it also included Abductor Pack #1, Abductor Pack #2, Abductor Pack #3, Abductor Pack #4 and the Negotiator Pack. Five mini expansions – each generally selling for around $8 on Amazon – all included in the base game box. My price? Only $12.50, and that was before my coupon. Score!

Mice & Mystics
Mice & Mystics
The next game I found was one that I really like: Mice and Mystics. I already have a copy in my collection. Despite that, when I find a game that I know I really like (for a good price) I will often pick it up. Sometimes they end up as gifts to gamer friends, or they might end up as eBay inventory, or sometimes (I did this with Terraforming Mars) I use the second copy for additional parts, like dice or miniatures or something. Amazon has this game priced at $54 right now, and I picked it up for $30. Another surprise waited for me when I got home and opened it up though…once again I had purchased a game that had an expansion already inside the box. Heart of Glorm was included! Not only that, but the previous owner had taken the time to build a foam-core insert to hold the components of both games.

I like making my own foam core inserts; it’s one of many ways this hobby entertains me. I can also appreciate it when someone else makes one, and the person who owned this game previously did a really nice job putting it together.

There were a few other games I picked up on this trip (King’s Forge, Woodlands and Dragonwood) so it was a very productive hunt.

What about you? What’s your favorite / best bargain story from your shopping adventures?

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