Delayed Gratification

Atlantis Rising Second Edition
Atlantis Rising Second Edition
I will freely admit that I buy games faster than I play them. I don’t think I’m unique in that regard. But sometimes it pays off. How? eBay. 🙂

I purchased a copy of Atlantis Rising Second Edition a while back when it became available. I picked up the custom play mat at the same time. (I think I have previously posted that I really like custom play mats.) A few months ago I read that they were running a Kickstarter campaign for an expansion (yay!) and they had rewritten the rule book to provide clarifications and updates (boo!). To the credit of the game company, they made the revised rule book available as a PDF but also as an add-on during their campaign so that’s all good.

In the meantime the current stock of the game has sold out, and people are still wanting to buy it. What does this mean? Rising prices in the aftermarket arena…specifically eBay. A few days ago I put my still in shrink copy of the game up on eBay, and I already have a bid. The current selling price is more than enough for me to pay for the new version with the expansion! By not opening the game I was able to sell it today, and get an upgraded game with an expansion (and corrected rule book) tomorrow.

Well, not tomorrow, but in later 2021 or early 2022. I don’t think I will have played all of my other un-played games by then, so I am okay with the delay.

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