The Middle of a Legacy

Pandemic Legacy Season 1
Pandemic Legacy Season 1
Our group playing through the first season of Pandemic Legacy has been having a blast! Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post. 🙂

If you have read anything about Pandemic Legacy then you probably already know that the game plays out in months. You get two tries to “win” a month and then you move forward, no matter what happened. We have just finished July and wow. Just. Wow. The game is amazing. I can certainly see why it stayed at the top of the Board Game Geek ratings for so long.

There are mechanisms in the game that help keep it balanced. If you lose a game, the next game you play has a little bonus. Win too often, and the game starts taking things away to make it harder. Knowing how to play regular Pandemic helps when you get started, but it doesn’t take long for the game to start throwing you curve balls. Learning how to react to those (and use the new variations to your advantage) is a huge part of the fun for us.

We lost two games for June. Both times I could look back at the game as it played out and say, “There. Right there. That move, that decision we made, that’s what lost the game for us.” Last night we played a game and this time I could say, “There. Right there. That was the move that won the game for us.” It was a nice switch.

We are just about to start August. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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