Beyond Chess Back Story

A few weeks ago I posted the rules for a chess variant called Beyond Chess. I thought I would write more about how I came to find the game and how it helped me learn something about the game that I didn’t know before.

I found this game on eBay. I have no idea what I was looking for, because I’m not normally going out of my way to look for chess variations. The auction didn’t attract a lot of attention, and I ended up making the purchase for $15 which included free shipping. (I bought the game in March, 2016, so my memory is a bit fuzzy.) The game was listed as new but unfortunately was missing a pawn. I contacted the seller, and they looked all over but were not able to find the missing piece. That was disappointing. But rather than give up, I started a quest. Continue reading “Beyond Chess Back Story”

Beyond Chess Manual

Beyond Chess Box
Beyond Chess Box
I picked up a copy of Beyond Chess via eBay several years ago. At the time I was teaching the Chess Merit Badge to a group of Boy Scouts and found the idea of a modular board very intriguing. It was something I thought would give the more advanced chess players something to do while the less experienced players learned the basics.

The copy that I bought remains the only copy I have ever seen. Continue reading “Beyond Chess Manual”