Gaming Accessory: Bit Trays

Lots of games have bits. Lots of bits. Teeny-tiny bits. Some games even need bits to be passed around the table. A well-designed foam core box insert can help with this, but this is the 21st century. While I can’t order, “Tea, Earl Gray, Hot” from a box in the wall I can create things with my MakerBot Replicator 2 printer. Continue reading “Gaming Accessory: Bit Trays”

Father’s Day Fun

“A good friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a body.”
— Steven J. Daniels

Love Letter Premium
Love Letter Premium
Yesterday we helped some friends move. Today the same friends came over and we had a much less stressful afternoon for Father’s Day. We played several games of Welcome to the Dungeon along with a session of Love Letter. I had picked up a premium edition of “Love Letter” essentially by accident, but it sure is pretty. Normally with this group of friends we like to play Pandemic or Dead of Winter but after a long day moving boxes around it was nice to have something simple.

Good times. 😎

Weekend Gaming Session Report

Dead of Winter Cover Art
Dead of Winter
Our regular gaming friends came over today for a weekend gaming session. We played one game of Hellapagos, a game of Azul, five rounds of Codenames with the kids, and we ended the evening with a couple of fast games of Skulls. Our longer afternoon game was Shadows Over Camelot and our evening game was Dead of Winter. For DoW we attempted “Home Sweet Home” on easy mode.

Spoiler alert: We did not make it. Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Session Report”

3D Printer Iris Box

Last year I picked up a used MakerBot 2 from my company charity auction. One of our departments bought it, used it for a while, but had finished their project and no longer had plans for it. I was able to pick it up for less than $600! I had big plans for printing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster terrain bits, but got sidetracked a bit. For a few months.

Okay, for over a year. Continue reading “3D Printer Iris Box”

Bling Out Your Games With Sharpie Paint Pens

Have you ever looked at the special upgrade packages available for some games and wished they weren’t so expensive? Have you thought you might like to “bling out” your game just a little bit so it’s a bit more personal? What I am about to show you will change your life! Or at least give you something to do on a rainy afternoon… Continue reading “Bling Out Your Games With Sharpie Paint Pens”

Reuse – Don’t Recycle Punched Game Boards

I don’t remember where I learned this, or I would give that person / website / video credit. All I know is once I saw it I thought to myself, “That’s brilliant!” And I’ve done it ever since.

Earlier today I opened my copy of Dead of Winter: The Long Night. I’ll have a full un-boxing post coming up soon, but I wanted to write a quick post that talks about what to do with those empty token boards once you’ve punched everything out. One option is to toss them in the trash (or hopefully recycle them, if your neighborhood offers that option). I’m going to suggest something different: put them back in the box! Continue reading “Reuse – Don’t Recycle Punched Game Boards”