Sagrada: A Dicey Challenge

I like the game. I like pretty dice and the opportunity to roll a bunch of them at the same time. I like the mathematical challenge of building a window with colors and numbers. I like the little bit of strategy that is present in the game. Overall I am pleased we bought this game, and it has already logged more plays than quite a few other more complex games in our collection.

I will say that the 5-6 player expansion should be strongly considered…not for the extra players but for the variety that it brings to the private objectives as described previously. With the expansion there is more variety, and more variety is good.

Overall Score
Board Game Geek users give this an average rating of 7.6. I’m right up there; I give it an 8, which says I think it is very good, that I enjoy playing and would suggest it for a game day lunch. In fact, I have. 🙂 This game scratches the “I want to roll a bunch of dice” itch and provides some elements of set collecting. It’s super easy to explain (the only rule I have to keep reminding people is the adjacency rule) and quick to play. Initially we thought it was completely non-challenging but once we started applying the proper rule for selecting the initial number of dice the challenge has increased to a point where decisions have more weight.

I enjoy this game quite a bit and it will remain in my collection.

I have not yet tried the solo mode. I have a number of games that offer solo options and I hope to start reviewing them from a solo perspective at some point. Stay tuned!

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