Weekend Gaming Session Report

This past weekend saw a number of games hit the table. After getting a few chores done we met up with friends and played Shadows Over Camelot, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (twice), and Carcassonne. I lost basically every game. Even though I won. Sort of. Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Session Report”

Game Day Lunch: Carcassone + Azul

I had forgotten how fun Carcassonne is. It’s a fairly simple tile-laying worker-placement game that takes less than ten minutes to teach. Today I introduced our Game Day Lunch crew to this game, as none of them had played before.

Carcassonne is an actual city in France, with a history that dates base thousands of years. It has been at times under Celtic, Roman, Spanish and of course French control. The architecture of the city influenced the graphics of the game. None of this impacts how the game is played, but it’s fun to know. Continue reading “Game Day Lunch: Carcassone + Azul”