Weekend Gaming Session Report

This past weekend saw a number of games hit the table. After getting a few chores done we met up with friends and played Shadows Over Camelot, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (twice), and Carcassonne. I lost basically every game. Even though I won. Sort of. Continue reading “Weekend Gaming Session Report”

Acquiring Out of Print Games

The best part about a hobby is the fun and joy that it can bring. The worst part is when you are late to the party and missed out on something. That’s when you learn the meaning of horrible acronyms like HTF (Hard To Find) or OOP (Out Of Print). That has been the case for me with Merlin’s Company, the expansion for Shadows Over Camelot. This is the story of my quest. Continue reading “Acquiring Out of Print Games”

Shadows Over Camelot Play Session

We had some friends over this weekend. They had heard me talking about Shadows Over Camelot before, both from playing and painting activities, so they requested that we break it out. There were five players, two of whom were brand new to the game and two others who had only played it once. If you are not familiar with the game, it’s a semi-cooperative game with a potential traitor element. The knights of the round table are working to protect Camelot (most of them 😉 ) and complete quests. You win when there are 12 swords (obtained by completing or failing quests) on the round table and there are more white swords than black swords. Continue reading “Shadows Over Camelot Play Session”

Custom Box Inserts Are Awesome

One of the first things I notice when opening a new game is how is the box insert designed. Is it cardboard? Plastic? Are there dedicated spots for tokens and game bits so they don’t go all over the place? How well does the game fit back into the box after everything has been punched? Does the insert handle sleeved cards? How well is the game box designed (or not) to handle future expansions?

The good news is that I enjoy creating new box inserts. It’s yet another way I get to enjoy my hobby. In this post I’m going to show the results of one effort but not go into a lot of details as to the “how” things were done. I’ll have more posts on that later. For now, I just want to show off. 😎 Continue reading “Custom Box Inserts Are Awesome”

Painting Miniatures From Shadows Over Camelot

I played Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) for a long time. Part of the fun was buying the (formerly) lead figures and figuring out how to paint them. When they’re done, they can look really impressive. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that they’re basically a tiny little paint-by-numbers project. 🙂 Continue reading “Painting Miniatures From Shadows Over Camelot”

Game Day Lunch: Shadows over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot Box Cover
Shadows Over Camelot
For the past few months we have had a group of folks from work get together over a long lunch to play board games. We only schedule the sessions once a month so our bosses don’t get mad. Maybe we should just invite our bosses to play. 😉 At home we play a lot of four-person games. We don’t have enough regular players to get more complex games to the table that often. At work we frequently have five or more players which opens up our options. Previously we’ve played Mysterium, Codenames and Dead of Winter but for today I picked Shadows Over Camelot. Continue reading “Game Day Lunch: Shadows over Camelot”