First Impression: Dragon Island

Dragon Island Cover Art
Dragon Island
I am a dragon nerd. If there is something with a dragon on it, I’m definitely interested. If a board game has a dragon on the cover plus dragon meeples inside? It’s a no-brainer purchase. Add to the fact that I found my copy at a local resale shop (all components present and accounted for) and it’s a triple win. But how does the game actually play? Is it fun and not just fun to look at?

In this post I’ll provide my first impressions of Dragon Island based on only one play. I’ll have a more in-depth review coming after I’ve had a chance to play it more. Continue reading “First Impression: Dragon Island”

Acquiring Out of Print Games

The best part about a hobby is the fun and joy that it can bring. The worst part is when you are late to the party and missed out on something. That’s when you learn the meaning of horrible acronyms like HTF (Hard To Find) or OOP (Out Of Print). That has been the case for me with Merlin’s Company, the expansion for Shadows Over Camelot. This is the story of my quest. Continue reading “Acquiring Out of Print Games”

Game Day Lunch: Ticket To Ride + Zombie Fluxx

Ticket To Ride
Our game day at work started with the classic Ticket To Ride. Part of what I am enjoying about these sessions is getting to introduce my co-workers to new games or even new styles of game-play like cooperative games. Ticket To Ride is not new. It has been out for over ten years now. It is not particularly challenging to learn. Board Game Geek members assign it a weight of 1.87 out of 5.0. But it is a well-crafted game with a beautiful board and simple rules, so we started out with that. Continue reading “Game Day Lunch: Ticket To Ride + Zombie Fluxx”

Game Day Lunch: Takenoko and King of Tokyo

Takenoko aka The Panda Game
Takenoko aka The Panda Game
It was time for our Game Day Lunch today, which meant I got to pack up my bag with a variety of choices as I was heading to work. I brought several games including Shadows Over Camelot (a repeat from last time). We had a smaller group this time so instead we started with Takenoko (aka the Panda Game).
Continue reading “Game Day Lunch: Takenoko and King of Tokyo”