Game Review: Tsuro

Title: Tsuro
Players: 2-8
Play Time: 15′
Designer: Tom McMurchie
Publisher: Calliope Games

This is one of many games I purchased after watching it being played on the TableTop channel on YouTube. It supports from 2-8 players, the rules can be explained in less than five minutes, and it plays in less than 15. Continue reading “Game Review: Tsuro”

Game Day Lunch: Shadows over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot Box Cover
Shadows Over Camelot
For the past few months we have had a group of folks from work get together over a long lunch to play board games. We only schedule the sessions once a month so our bosses don’t get mad. Maybe we should just invite our bosses to play. 😉 At home we play a lot of four-person games. We don’t have enough regular players to get more complex games to the table that often. At work we frequently have five or more players which opens up our options. Previously we’ve played Mysterium, Codenames and Dead of Winter but for today I picked Shadows Over Camelot. Continue reading “Game Day Lunch: Shadows over Camelot”